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SOLD Green Tourmaline Wholesale Lot 9 Carats

Mixed wholesale lot Tourmaline

THE PINK STONE IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE. Discounted because the round pink was sold separately - Very affordable small lot of 9 pieces of green Tourmaline, green and orange-pink, most of them are clean, some have cleavage marks. Buy 1 at 25$/ct or all at 13.9$/ct, average size is 1ct,
Sales price $125.00
Base price $155.00
Salesprice with discount
Discount $-30.00


Pictures with and without flash. 

Gem's Weight:
Number of stones:
Africa / unknown
Not Treated

Sphene pear shape.
1.48 Carats Sphene
Sales price $70.00

Cambodia blue Zircon Calibrated 5mm Round Cut
Calibrated Round 5mm
Sales price $37.00

Nice colour zoning in this Trillion cut Citrine (Yellow Quartz)
3ct Citrine Trillion
Sales price $45.00

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